After 73 years on earth & 33 years training Professional Mariners, I have sold my business & slowed down. For inquiries about schedules & classes,

Please contact; Jason Ellman 218-324-1776

The application process can take from 4 to 6 months! get your appointments for your DOT panel 5, physical & 1stAid soon so you can submit you application ASAP

You will need the following items to submit the application: (click on each item for instructions)
1) Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)
2) 1st Aid / CPR card (less than 1 year old)
3) DOT panel 5 drug screen
4) USCG physical (form CG-179K)
5) Application (form CG-179B)
6) Oath
7) Sea Service (form CG-719S)
8) Application fees
For the USCG instructions see;

NOTE; the TWIC, the physical & the DOT Panel 5 scree all take time! Make those appointments now.

Methods of sending the application:
By USPS, not recommended because of possible loss of the whole thing  so if you do it that way make a copy of EVERYTHING in the pkt. Or Send it by UPS or FedEx.
Send it to:
SEND ORIGINALS TO: REC TOLEDO (keep a full set of copies if you put this in an envelope)
420 Madison Ave. Suite 700
Toledo OH 43604-1265
Fax 419-259-7558

Read this before trying to Email, you might need to send it in two Emails. On this page, on the lower left hand side you will see a box that says E submissions.

Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC)

You will have to have:
1) a TWIC card (does not need t be current)
2)A receipt that shows you have applied for a TWIC card
Find a TWIC location center:

Include a copy of the card or receipt of enrollment with the application.  

You will have to travel to the enrollment center with the proper ID (see above for details)

The enrollment center in Superior is at 1419 Tower Ave, 835-347-8371 (check B4 you go, things change fast.)

1st Aid / CPR card (less than 1 year old)

You will need a 1st Aid/CPR THAT HAS BEEN ISSUED IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS! A current card that is more than 12 months old will not work.

The certification has to be USCG approved, commonly American Red Cross is good, American Heart is good, Medic 1st Aid is good.

Ask your provider if the class is USCG approved.

There are a number of on line approved courses, check with the NMC to be sure they will accept it. The NMC phone is 888-427-5662
Check here for a list of approved courses:

One on line class is:
( I know nothing about it nor am I giving it an endorsement, some of my students have used it.)

You do not need to take a class if you have:
1) A valid professional license listed in 11.807(a)(5) or (a)(6) of this subchapter, without restriction or limitation placed upon it by the issuing State (Medical Doctor; Professional Nurse);

2) A rating listed in 11.807(a) (7) or (a)(8) of this subchapter (Marine Physician Assistant; Hospital Corpsman.

DOT Panel 5 Drug Screen

You will need :
A) to be in a random Marine drug test program with an employer & get a letter from them that says:
[participants name] is enrolled in a random drug screen program, has been for 180 days, has never tested positive or refused to test. Name address of employer or consortium.

B) to get a DOT panel 5 drug screen w/Federal chain of custody. The category is; Coast Guard Independent. Have the original results SENT DIRECTLY TO YOU. Do not use the form on the USCG site. Include the ORIGINAL RESULTS with the application. (The original results are current for 180 days & will admit you to a consortium without further testing.)

This can usually be done in conjunction with the physical. MAKE SURE IT IS A PANEL 5 FEDERAL CHAIN OF CUSTODY – NOT A PANEL 7 OR PANEL 10, neither of those will be accepted.

USCG Physical (form CG-179k)

Put CG-179K) in your browser & download the form. Copy this list & bring it with you to the physical.

Ask if your clinic or doctor is familiar with this form, it is tricky (see below). You can have it done by an MD, a PA or a Nurse Practitioner. Bring this with you to the physical. 18 & 19 are very common. Any one error will send this back to you.
Common Errors Mariners Make When Submitting Form CG-719K
1. Response not provided for Food Handler Certification (Sec. II, Page 3)
2. YES or NO response not provided for each condition (Sec. III (a), P. 4) 3. Incomplete details (date of onset/condition/treatment/status/limitations) of conditions identified on Page 4 (Section III (b), Page 5)
4. No or incomplete response to medication section (Sec. IV, Page 6)
5. Missing height, weight, pulse rate, and/or blood pressure (Sec V, Page 6) 6. NORMAL or ABNORMAL response not provided for each system /organ identified (Section V, Page 6)
7. Missing uncorrected vision (Section VI (a), Page 7)
8. Uncorrected vision tests with corrective lenses (Section VI (a) , Page 7)
9. Missing field of vision (Section VI (a), Page 7)
10. Inappropriate color vision testing method, number of errors omitted, or determination not indicated (Section VI (b), Page 7). ***NOTE: If color vision testing failed, to avoid processing delay, handwritten note that indicates the applicant’s ability to distinguish red, green, blue, and yellow.
11. Hearing not marked as normal, abnormal, or hearing aid required (Section VII, Page 7)
12. Missing Physical Ability Results (Section VIII, Page 8)
13. Proof of identity not checked (Section IX (a), Page 9)
14. Certification recommendations (Recommended, Not Recommended, or Needs Further Review) not checked (Section IX (b), Page 9)
15. Significant risk of sudden incapacitation (Yes, No, or Needs Further Review) not checked (Section IX (c), Page 9) ***If entry-level – Medical condition aggravated by service at sea (Yes, No, or Needs Further Review) for entry level rating not checked (Section IX (c), Page 9)
16. Provider failed to sign/date the form and/or provide license number (Section IX (e), Page 9)
17. Missing signature of Applicant (Section X, Page 9)
18. Endorsement sought, Sec.I, page 3: check DECK
19. MD or practitioner did not initial every page

Application (form CG-179B)*2017%20USCG%20CG-719B,%20%5B2017-04%5D

Sec.I self explanatory
Sec.II page 3 of 5, check the box for License & Original, under that Fill in
One of the following depending on your choice of license;
1)OUPV Inland,OUPV NC 2) Master Inland, Master NC 3) OUPV Rivers & Lakes of No. Minnesota
Sec.III page 4 of 5, 1, check the TWIC box, 2, answer the questions (don’t lie! If you don’t know if something requires a ‘yes’ call the NMC & ask 888-427-5662.) if you have a yes fill out this form:–cg-719c-.3, check the NDR box
Sec IV 4 of 5, 1 optional, 2 & 3, NA, 3, check if under 18 & attach a noterized parental consent slip
Sec V 4 of 5, Sign & date the applicants signature, skip the next line. Print your name on the bottom of the page.
Sec VI 4 of 5, Unless you need someone to be involved in your application, (unlikely) e.g. A doctor or probation officer, skip this page. Unless you check a box on this page, no signature necessary. Print your name on the bottom of the page.


Down load this;

or Copy this & have it notarized, include it in your application.

Merchant Mariner Oath, 46 USC

I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully and honestly, according to my
best skill and judgment, and without concealment and reservation, perform
all the duties required of me by the laws f the United States. I will faithfully and
honestly carry out the lawful orders of my superior officers aboard a vessel.
___________________________ _________________________ ____________
Name (Printed) Signature Date

Note: Do not sign until in the presence of a Notary authorized to witness.

Subscribed and affirmed before me in the county of ______________________,
State of ____________________, this _________ day of _____________, _____.
(Notary’s official signature)
Seal ____________________________________

Sea Service (form CG-719S)

Put CG 719S into your browser, download the form.
Sec. I self explanatory
Sec. II in each Month of each year that you used or rode in the boat mark the number of days. Use as many forms as needed, no need to put more days than are required. On the right under the calendar, put the total days, for average hrs underway put 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. No decimals,no more than 8.*
Sec.III If you own the boat you need to include the some proof of ownership: title card or bill of sale nd sign the top.If you were a passenger; have the person who attests to the days on the boat sign the bottom & you still sign the top.

You are evaluated by the number of days of seaservice you have acquired since you were 15 years old.
A day is counted as 4 to 8 hours off the dock.( *any more than 8 counts as 8 unless you worked a 12 hr watch & have a continuous discharge book form an employer. )There are considerations for military sea time on small craft. (

OUPV/Master: 360 days, 90 of which have to have been in the last 3 years
For a Near Coastal License 90 of those have to be on COLREGS water. (Seward of the boundary as defined in 46 CFR part 7)

OUPV Restricted to the Rivers & Lakes of No. Minnesota: 90 days, 30 of those have to have been on the Boarder Lakes.

Application Fees

You will need to include a $100.00 Evaluation fee upon submission of the application.

Eventually, after your application is approved & you Take a class or the exam at the USCG REC you will have to pay:
1) an issuance fee $45.00
2) a test fee of $50.00 if you test at the USCG
3) no further fees by taking the approved class or an Internet class by checking the box: course in lieu of exam

A) If you send the application by Mail, ( not a recommended way of sending in your application, see Application page for submission methods):
Use a certified check or postal money order. A personal check will work but it has to go to the bursar which takes your application off the desk waiting for your check to clear, then it goes back on the bottom of the pile.

B) However you submit your application, better is
Fill out form, and in drop-down menus:
(Make sure to select REC Toledo, OH)
Under Credential Category→ select Officer Endorsement Only
Under TypeofEndorsement→ select Original Officer Endorsement Evaluation $100.00
Include a copy of the receipt with the application Email or fax or hard copy.