Superior Marine Training offers the following certified USCG License instruction:

OUPV (6Pak) incuding the International regulations

OUPV – Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessels (commonly known as 6 Pack or Captain’s license) – Restricted to the Rivers and Lakes of No. Minnesota*

Inland – Great Lakes (sea service must show 90 days on the Great Lakes)

Near Coastal ( sea service must show 90 days within the last three years in COLREGS waters – Ocean, Gulf of Mexico etc.)

Allows operation of a small vessel (up to 100GT) with 6 or fewer paying passengers aboard

Masters Classes

Inland Great Lakes (sea service must show 90 days on the Great Lakes within the last 3 years) – Allows commercial operation with over six passengers up to the vessel capacity on the Great Lakes and Federal inland rivers

Near Coastal (sea service must show 360 days, 90 of them within the last 3 years, in near coastal waters, +360 anywhere or a current license) – Allows commercial operation along coastal areas of the United States

Towing endorsement – Allows commercial assistance towing

Sailing endorsement – Allows operation of a masters vessel up to the limits of your tonnage and scope

Near Coastal Rules of the Road – Upgrades an Inland License to Near Coastal with current seaservice of 90 days in NC waters